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About Bellwether

Recognized for satisfying the most challenging and precise requirements prescribed by our clients, Bellwether, Inc., based in McDonough, Georgia, specializes in parts manufacturing, tooling and fixturing. From product development to final production, our process allows you to experience a one-stop shop for your replacement parts needs or first-time creation. Our products include industrial power tool fixtures, precision extrusion dies, tooling jigs, forming dies, punches, and custom-precision machine parts.

We serve OEMs and aftermarket users—i.e., pump manufacturing companies, commercial products manufacturers, and industrial assembly operations. From large and small organizations, they also represent numerous sectors, such as aerospace, automotive supply, large manufacturing equipment, medical, military, and oil and gas.

Launched in 1974, we first established a name for ourselves when a textile machine required a highly specialized, niche replacement part for a new process. After a painstaking, two-year period, we had succeeded. By 1990, Bellwether’s innovation had become a mainstay in the American textile industry and sold in 31 countries.

From decades of taking on the most difficult-to-machine, close-tolerance, high-precision jobs, we now offer a rare set of skills that deliver on time as promised. Focused on long-term results that yield positive returns on our clients’ investments, Bellwether was the first in the textile industry to guarantee product performance and durability, and that pledge to our customers stands today.

By choice, we focus on clients who have intricate, often never-been-done requirements. Therefore, we’ve invested in the important, cutting-edge equipment and highly committed, skilled employees to accomplish the job.

If your margin for error is zero, we encourage you to consider our manufacturing capabilities.

Made in America

Put American craftsmanship to work for you.

Manufacturing Capabilities 

Serving OEMs and aftermarket users, Bellwether provides a one-stop shop for high-precision manufacturing, tooling and fixturing to satisfy the most challenging, no-margin-for-error applications. Drawing from our proven expertise and adhering to your specifications, we replicate or improve already existing products and create items that have never before been made.

If you require complete parts—coated, heat treated, and fully inspected—along with the necessary and pertinent certifications, Bellwether delivers with a satisfaction guarantee. From start to finish, we remain focused on your project, ensuring that your order is ready to go, as promised, on schedule.

Metal Properties

Bellwether’s experience in working with all steels and stainless steels expedites and ensures a project’s success. Other materials we work with regularly include aluminum, brass, bronze, hastelloey, Inconel, nickel and titanium.

Rely on Bellwether to present valuable insights regarding your options for specific applications and broader goals, as well as to provide reliable manufacturing resources.


Bellwether promotes a culture that embraces and embodies innovation. Relying heavily on technology to meet our customers’ complex demands requires that we remain abreast of the latest developments, learn and master new techniques, and research, evaluate and invest wisely in software and equipment.

Our equipment list conveys Bellwether’s extensive capabilities and commitment to satisfying your unique requirements.

Quantity — Equipment — Capacity
4 — Wire EDM — 16” x 21” x 12”
1 — Water Jet Machine — 4’ x 4’
2 — Okuma CNC Turning Centers — 16”
2 — CNC Machining Centers — 40” x 20” x 25”
4 — Okamoto Surface Grinders — 12” x 24”
1 — Free Abrasive Grinder
1 — 22” Diameter Capacity Band Saw

Bellwether also maintains manual milling, turning, sanding and finishing equipment. We also complete the process with heat treating applications.

Our software includes MasterCam and SolidWorks.

Notably, if some facet of the operation calls for a highly specialized process, we manage that phase of the work through a seamless integration. From decades of developing reciprocal relationships, Bellwether chooses our most qualified, well-vetted source to complete your task, such as applying a unique coating, heat treating or finishing process to your finished product. In the end, we’re responsible and always keep our eyes on the project.

Made in America

Put American craftsmanship to work for you.

Parts Manufacturing

Bellwether’s products include industrial power tool fixtures to comply with OSHA’s ergonomic requirements/enhance productivity, precision extrusion dies, tooling jigs, forming dies, punches, and custom precision machine parts.

We’re structured to manage the full process—from concept to completion:

  • Drawing submission
  • Production layout
  • Material selection
  • Heat treatment
  • Finishing/coating requirements
  • Pricing and delivery structure for review
  • Follow up of proposal details
  • Machining
  • Communication
  • Coating/finishing application
  • Delivery

We work with all tool steel varieties, such: as aluminum, titanium, nickel, and hastelloy.

Equipment List

  • 4 - Wire EDM, capacity 16” x 21” x 12”
  • 1 - Water Jet machine, 2’ x 4’ capacity
  • 2 –Okuma CNC Turning centers, 16” turning capacity
  • 2 – CNC Machining centers, 40” x 20” x 25” capacity
  • 4 – Okamoto Surface Grinders, 12” x 24” capacity
  • 1 – Free abrasive grinder
  • Manual milling, turning, sanding and finishing equipment
  • Heat treating
  • MasterCam and SolidWorks

Industries Served

  • Pump Manufacturing Companies
  • Oil and Gas
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)
  • Commercial Products Manufacturing
  • Industrial Assembly
  • Automotive Supply OEM's
  • Textile
  • Large Equipment Manufacturing
  • Medical

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Bellwether is ISO certified

Contact Us

Bellwether Inc.
P.O. Box 190
McDonough, GA 30253

Fax: (770) 957-6666

Bellwether Inc.
P.O. Box 190
McDonough, GA 30253

Fax: (770) 957-6666